Cloisall has been closely working with developers, engineering consultants and contractors for more than 40 years, providing them with building material solutions. By offering a variety of products in terms of applications and prices without compromising quality, Cloisall has continuously met the needs of the market and exceeded expectations.

Cliosall’s acts as the exclusive agents for some largest brand names of high quality finished products, manufactures complementary materials and carries out their installation. Cloisall has proven itself to be a leader in this field and a valued partner that is highly regarded by both suppliers and clients.

When referring to ceilings, Cloisall is a clear leader in the field. In addition to their exclusive agreement with M/S Dampa Denmark, a European global pioneer in the fabrication of metal ceilings, Cloisall has developed its own brand “Teknitile” offering a similar product in terms of quality and application but at more economical cost.

Furthermore, Cloisall has long-lasting, robust relations with some of the top manufacturers and suppliers of ceilings, ranging from metal tiles to gypsum boards, mineral fiber and calcium silicate materials. The broad offering allows the company to accommodate any type of ceiling requirement, for any drop and height, supported by all necessary certificates, structural calculations and data sheets. In this regard, Cloisall exceeds the toughest specifications for fire rating, acoustical performance (STC and NRC), moisture resistance, aesthetic appearance and non-standard custom made sizes.

Thanks to Cloisall’s close relations and dealings with all the major manufacturers and suppliers, the company supplies and fits all types of dry wall partitions meeting all fire rated, acoustical and moisture resistance performance. Cloisall takes pride in working with clients to offer the most suitable and economically feasible solutions for non-standard heights supported by all necessary structural calculations and studies.

Furthermore, Cloisall offers a variety of demountable partitions and glass partitions with a choice of finishes, shapes, heights and applications through a wide range of products meeting all requirements and budgets.

Solid Surfaces & Engineered Stone
Over thirty years ago, Cloisall introduced solid surface materials to the UAE, and eventually to the Gulf and Middle East region. Cloisall carries the globally recognized brand KRION® is a new generation solid surface developed by SYSTEMPOOL, a company that belongs to the Porcelanosa Group.

Currently, Cloisall is still the leader in this space and offers a range of products from various manufacturers and countries meeting all types of requirements and budgets. The company’s reputation and name is further supported by an advanced, state of the art manufacturing facility including a fully automated V-grooving machine which is run by a team of experienced engineers, supervisors and carpenters.

Cloisall was also a pioneer in introducing the engineered / reconstituted stone, which is currently widely replacing the use of natural stone in many applications due to their higher hardness index and non-porosity features. For this product, Cloisall represents one of the best manufacturers, Santa Margherita from Italy. Cloisall has supplied the solid surface and the engineered stone products to some of the most recognizable landmarks in the region including airports, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings.

Cloisall offers a number of innovative products under its paint portfolio including unique stone finish paints from Japan and Korea as well as decorative paint from Spain with a 10 years warranty for both internal and external applications. In order to support its clients, Cloisall has an experienced application team, trained in Japan and Spain to achieve the best finishes and aesthetic appearance. 

Geotextiles & Extruded Polystyrene
Cloisall is also a leader in this field, supporting water-proofing companies, roofers and contractors by supplying Geotextiles from BONAR NATPET, a separation felt made of bonded polypropylene used for drainage, road works, bridges and many other related civil works.

Cloisall has hosted many seminars educating engineers from municipalities and other Government bodies demonstrating the advantages of using such products. The UAE Government has since adopted the products in all their projects and seen the improvement in quality and speed of execution.

As for the Extruded Polystyrene or thermal insulation boards, Cloisall has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in collaboration with Dubai Investments. The factory produces high quality products covering the whole UAE and Lower Gulf markets through a capacity of 110,000 m2 per month at various thicknesses and densities. These products meet the market need created by new regulations making it mandatory for all buildings to have such insulation boards. The product, called EFOAM, conforms to LEED standards as a GREEN product. EFOAM is also certified by DLC (Dubai Laboratory Certificate) and is approved by all governmental bodies, consultant and contractors.